Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bookmarking Demon 5 Review

Bookmarking Demon 5 has just been released (check out the demo)and I'm pleased to give my first review of this impressive software. First I want to give special thanks to Edwin for being the most honest and hardworking internet marketing software developer in the world! Hats off to you Edwin for continuing to develop and perfect this amazing software. Double hats off for not being a greedy s.o.b. and providing us with these updates, which are really entirely new versions of the software, for free. Most internet marketing software developers actually want you to re-purchase their new versions of their software. Way to go Edwin!

Bookmarking Demon 5 is a major leap forward from bookmarking demon 4. Among the impressive improvements this new software can boast of, the email verification function has to be on the top of the list! Bookmarking Demon 5 now automatically verifies the email links saving me tons of time, and tedium. I always hated having to manually click the verification links in the emails. Now, with the addition of the email verification function we can create accounts much faster. Exponentially faster!

I had specifically requested this functionality in an email to Edwin a number of months ago so needless to say I was more than pleased to see it included in this newest version of the legendary software.

For those internet marketers and seo's that don't know what this software does (doesn't everyone have this by now? It's almost as ubiquitous Microsoft Word) it creates accounts for you at hundreds of social bookmarking sites. This in turn allows you to bookmark your sites, blogs and pages automatically. Each bookmark gives you an anchored link back to your target page thus increasing the ranking power of that page. Remember, the more anchored links you have the higher you will rank in the search engines. BMD5 will get you more links than you can shake a stick at.

There are other features of Bookmarking Demon 5 that deserve a bit of raving such as the more user friendly interface, which I'm sure many newcomers will greatly appreciate. There are also more social bookmarking sites to post your links to including scuttle sites and pligg sites.

Bookmarking Demon 5 should be in every internet marketers tool kit in my opinion. I use it everyday (I've used bmd for about 2 years or so now) and I have always enjoyed the results. I use this software as a supplement to the rest of my link building campaigns. However, if you are targeting long tail keywords you can get away with JUST using bmd to rank your pages for those long tails. Use bookmarking demon 5 in conjunction with blogging google trends keywords and you may just have 1000 visitors a day on a brand new blog within a week! No joke.

Get your new sites indexed in 24 hours with one bmd run. Bookmark your blogfarms and watch your money site enjoy a sustained increase in targeted traffic. Bookmark your articles (you DO include article marketing in your link building campaigns right?) to give them some more link juice, which of course is passed along to your money page. Bookmark your directory listings (you DO submit your blogs and sites to directories right? - just checking).

Check out bookmarking demon 5 here