Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bookmarking Demon Links

Updates! Here's some new automation for ya!

1. Bookmarking Demon 5 is coming out.

2. BlogfarmerPro creates blogfarms on wpmu's!! Now I'm excited.

3. Komment King comments on blogs 100,000 blogs!

4. ReferBombPro will get you thousands of referrer links automated.

5. Searchbot will scrape tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of targets for you to get links to or build farms on. There's more to it and I suggest you check it out.

6. RSS2WP will create an article from ezine articles, put your links in it and post to your wpmu farm. It also has a feature that allows you to interlink your thousands of blogs in your blogfarm.

Bookmarking Demon 4
(here)is out in beta and I've been using it for a couple of months now. I had bookmarking demon version 3 and when I compare version 4 to version 3 it's no comparison at all. Bookmarking Demon 4 is way way better. In beta right now it's only %60 functional and it still blows bmd3 away, and bmd3 was really good as it was.

For those that don't know bookmarking demon 4 gets you links to your site and lots of traffic too. I'm not going to get into all of its features but I'll explain why I love bmd4.

I was at at forum lately and I saw this really good post about how much money and time bookmarking demon saves you. Check it out.
I'll paraphrase it.

How much is your time worth? Is it worth say $2 an hour? Who the hell makes $2 an hour???
So say your time is worth a whole two bucks an hour. OK. Now lets say you create ten bookmarking accounts and bookmark 2000 links. Now say it takes you only 2 minutes to bookmark a link.

So that's 4000 minutes or just about 70 hours or so. Let's do the math now. That's $140 worth of your time, if you only make two bucks an hour. See, isn't that a no friggen brainer or what?

You can use it for white hat and black hat stuff. The black hat stuff doesn't really pan out the way I would like it too and it's too temporary. You get banned from the bookmarking sites fast. Kinda sucks. But if you really want to spam with BMD and make some quick cash (maybe) try this simple technique.

Create a ton of blogspot blogs and use an iframe redirect to your affiliate sales page. Then promote the blogs with bookmarking demon. Then, whenever someone clicks on one of your links at the bookmarking sites, instead of ending up at your site they end up at the affiliate closing page. The sales page. If you use really long tail keywords then you might even get a little targeted traffic. You can make money with this but you need a lot of bookmarking accounts. Like a hundred.

I use it in a white hat way. I just get my anchored links. I don't use bookmarking demon for traffic because traffic from social sites is generally not targeted enough. I just get them links. It's all about links.

So if you set up bookmarking demon to run every night before you got to bed, think of how much time you are saving and what it's worth to ya. Literally get links in your sleep. click


Edgar Allen said...

Hi devonitu,

I love BMD too and yes it works wonderfully. However, I do not know how the product that you linked to works so I have deleted the link from your comment.

I only promote (or allow to promote) software on this blog that I actually use and can personally vouch for.