Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Condom Depot new Trend

Condom Depot is this idea where in certain parts of the world they are literally installing Condom Depots. I know that wasn't very clearly explained by me now was it? These are public buildings where you can get a free condom. The idea really is to help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

I wrote a post about condom depot when I fist heard about it early in july, it is in the archives. I just wrote a quick post with nothing much to say. I just wanted to see if I could catch it as it was really a new keyword. Condem Depot actually got me a link from google trends because I guess I hit the trend on the way up. So that's where those 15,000 visitors came from that day...

Now in order to add some value to this post in terms of it being related to the implied subject mattter, I will give you some of my uncalled for opinions.

Why does the world need a condom depot? In particular why is it a very poor section of the world like CHANDIGARH which is in India I believe. I mean what is up with everyone in all these third world countries having sexually transmitted diseases on an epidemic scale? Look at Africa (yes, I know that Africa is not a country but rather a continent) and how it is absolutely riddled with AIDS.

The whole world, the US in particular is donating money to africa to help fight the spread of AIDS. Why is there so much AIDS there? Probably cuz in a lot of those poor countries there ain't much more to do than have sex all the friggen time apparently.

Maybe that is the problem in general. Maybe there's just too much darn fucking! If everybody would only bang their wives and no one else (of course the same is true for the ladies...just bang your husbands) then all this shit would go away. You can't transmit sexually transmitted diseases without fucking.

You wouldn't need a condom depot if people would just do the right thing and save sex for marriage and be true. I know it sounds square but if you look at it with an open mind you will probably agree with me that it is true.

Of course this doesn't just apply to folks from India as everybody everywhere is fucking and spreading diseases. Folks times have changed. It is dangerous to have sex now! That is not a joke. Fun as it might be it is not a good idea to bang as many people as you can. It's dirty. It has to be, look at the results on a world wide scale. We didn't have AIDS in the US until after the 'sexual revolution' in the sixties and seventies.

I wonder if they have a problem with AIDS in middle eastern Muslim countries. They have pretty strict principles about sex out of marriage in those countries. Hmmm, I wonder if they have less AIDS or the same or on the high end... I wonder.

But shit, all of this would go away if people en mass stopped being greedy fucking pigs! Go get married and stay away from sexually transmitted diseases. We don't need Condom Depots we need a new moral standard.

Or should I say a revival of an old moral standard? All the way back to when the Bible was written it was considered VERY GOOD ADVICE to just bang your spouse and to be true. I guess the folks back then had already learned this lesson.

So if I were the king of the world the first thing I might do is proclaim that no one will be fucking no one but their spouse period. If you are caught fucking we chop 'em off! LOL.

This would be how I would combat something more evil and sinister than "GLOBAL WARMING" --- I think we have a real problem on our hands right now with disease and what not. I mean millions and millions of people are dying because of STD's. And there is a simple (alas not easy!) solution...stop fucking everybody you can!

Now we see why greed is called a deadly sin. Inspired by Condom Depot.