Saturday, July 5, 2008

Condom Depot and Making Money Blogging

Aside from finding a great deal on cord covers today I also learned something new about keywords.
I have a keyword for you it is condom depot. Now I would have never thought of it before but it is a winner. Yes indeed ladies and gentleman, we have a real winner here. Condom Depot is all the rage right now. Just look it up in google. Now the deal would be if I could sell keyword elite to people looking for information on condom depot.

That would be an internet marketers dream. Condom depot is probably some weird movie title. I admit I don't even know what it is but what i do know is that people are searching for it today.

Sometimes people search for things all at once. The keyword elite and tools like that wont show it because it happens in one day.Actually it happens all at once. So if you can figure out how to monetize such a keyword like condom depot then you will have it made.