Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Niche Store Writer Review

Niche Store Writer Review

If you'd rather see the video demonstration you can see it here.

Learn how to promote this product with this free book that I found at Griz's site. Check it out here...no sign up or anything. It's really free. It's all about Viral Marketing and if Griz recommends it then I recommend it.

Niche Store Writer came out today. I have already purchased it and am using it currently. Niche Store Writer is a tool I'm using to help generate unique content for my bans sites. If you have a niche store then you know what kind of a pain in the ass it can be to produce all that content. And we aren't talking about subject matter either...it's boring and time consuming.

If you are addicted to building bans sites like I am then you are probably pretty happy with the fact that you can build an entire site, content an all in about a half an hour. You can get a hundred of these up in a few weeks if you just keep consistent.

Niche Store Writer Review and How it Fits Into the Business Model

Anyone who has studied how to make money online with Vic from Blogger Unleashed knows the system...the system that works! Knowing how to make money with BANS will help you understand why Niche Store Writer is such a great tool. Basically this is the rundown. You create a bans site in about 7 or 8 minutes using the BANS software. This is really great because you could literally make hundred of these and manage them all quite easily. The problem is writing the content. This is where Niche Store Writer comes into play.
No doubt the only part that takes time is the content generation. This is what niche store writer does for me now.

Niche Store Writer What Does It Do?

Niche store writer allows you to save as many templates as you want. you can edit the templates really quickly and easily and insert the proper keywords according to what ever niche you are working on. This makes everything run much more efficiently! I can get a bans site up in about 5 minutes now and that is taking my time. It's incredible how great this software works.

Is Niche Store Writer Easy To Use?

Yes, really easy! Thats another reason I like it. I'm not too techie so...you don't even need a manual to use this...just check out the video.

Niche Store Writer
is super simple to use niche store writer. There really isn't anything else on the market like this. This is brand new and ahead of the curve. Sure to catch on big time as bans sites and niche sites in general are starting to become a real trend.

Niche Store Writer Affiliate Program

This is an affil product and since it just came out today you should jump in and take advantage of it. This will be a big seller even outside of the make money online niche. Niche store writer is the kind of tool that saves you a ton of time! Time you could use to get links which is what you need to do to get paid in case you didn't know that.

Niche Store Writer vs Duplicate Content

At first I thought that there would be a duplicate content problem with niche store writer. But if you understand duplicate content then you'll realize as I did that it's not really a problem with a product like this. It doesn't scrape content from other sites. It allows you to save your own (or pre designed) templates. Duplicate content goes through a process in google. First of all, the algorithm breaks up the content into 5-8 word chunks. Then, before deciding if it is duplicate content, google checks those chunks against a database of commonly used phrases so as not to penalize you for saying "thank you for your order" or "It has been a long week" ...these phrases and ones like them are used too often to be categorized as duplicate content. This is a loophole that niche store writer could exploit.

Create Your Templates With Niche Store Writer

You can create your own template and use it again and again simply changing the keywords. The more templates you have then the better off you are. Besides, when it comes down to it you can rank with duplicate content if you have the links. Think about it. Say you copy this very post and put it on your blog in 5 months from now. Who is going to rank higher? Me. But, does that mean that you could never out rank me even though you suffer the duplicate content penalty? Ever? Could you ever outrank me using my own content? Of course, if you have the links! See, that's what I like about niche store writer, it frees up my time for what is really important in an online business. Getting links will ultimately get you paid. The more links the more traffic the more clicks. Simple.

But getting links is work and it's boring so everyone like to justify not doing the work one way or another. It's all about links. As Vic once told me, "Doesn't Wikipedia rank highly for everyting?" and it's true. Think about that. What kind of word is wikipedia? That is their url. Didn't we all learn to buy a domain with your keyword in the url? It just doesn't matter really. I mean it does matter but it's not critical. Nothing is critical except links.

You can achieve a good ranking with out links just by posting frequently. But as soon as a competitor comes along with a ton of links kiss your ranking goodbye.

Anyways, Niche store writer is an awesome tool, a wonderful time saver and it's a product you can sell to anyone in any niche. I really like it and highly recommend Niche Store Writer.

Do You Recommend Niche Store Writer?

I don't recommend products lightly. I used to. But that was when I first started trying to make money online. I thought that was how it was done. You just market bull shit and try to make you money. Now I've come to realize that is not the way to do it. First of all you don't make squat marketing crap products! Secondly, it's going to come around and bite you in the ass. What comes around goes around. Having said that I fully endorse this product and the gentleman who created it is a stand up guy.

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