Monday, June 2, 2008

Easy Grey Hat Trick | Number 1

I have an easy little black hat trick for you today. I see that I have been getting some traffic lately, due to the post I made about Vic and Gary. Now, I normally don't have real readers on this blog. I just use this little baby for some of my affiliate products I push. But since I actually have some folks coming here to actually read something for a change, I figured I would take the time and actually write a useful blog post.

So What's The Easy Grey Hat Trick?

Ever heard of a redirect?

Now if you are not comfortable with cheating a little then you need to leave my blog. But if you want to learn an easy way to make some affiliate sales check this old trick out.

By the way, I' m not the genius who thought o f this cool little trick either. I learned it somewhere I just don't know where or when.
Here it is:

First, this is for blogger blogs. No need to spend money on hosting and everything. This is free.

1. Create a blogger blog. Name the blog after whatever affiliate product you are going to promote. With this kind of technique I use clickbank products. After you create a new blog write one post. It doesn't matter at all what you'll see why. Just write a post to activate the blog.

2.Now, go to the layout tab and click.

3.Now you need click the edit html button. Once you do that go and click "revert to cla ssic template".

4.Delete all of the html. All of it. Just right click and select all and delete.

5. Paste this code into your empty template. Make sure to insert your hoplink where it says "insert hoplink". A hoplink is your affiliate id at clickbank.

6. View your blog.

This is a redirect using iframes. It automatically takes you to the affiliate sales copy. Cool huh?

I like this because it is so quick and easy. I can set up 30 blogs like this in like an hour. No copy to write, nothing. I just promote the hell out them with the usual software. Just one page blogs.

Use bookmarking demon and article submission software to get the anchored text you want to rank for. I shoot only for longtail buyers keywords. Not much traffic but it converts pretty well. Sometimes your blog will get reported and deleted. I make about 25 of them in one sitting so I don't worry about it. I like how I don't have to write any content and you just send everyone right to the sales copy.

No maintenance, no content to write and it's super fast. This brings more visitors to the sales page. That's where we want them right? Unless you feel you can write more convincing sales copy.

I might show you a sneaky way to get some links but only if I get some comments on this article. If I don't then I'm going back to sticking an affiliate product on this homepage for a quick hundred bucks a month.



joe said...

Very sneaky. You must have done some promotion for this site, I just found you using google. I am off to read your other post, but will be back to see about those tricks to get leads to the redirect blogs.

Edgar Allen said...

Hey Joe,

This blog is pretty old except for the update I just recently wrote. I have a blog at make money online thats got a lot more interesting reading, better than this old blog.

Thanks for reading and commenting.