Friday, May 30, 2008

Vic Franqui versus Gary Conn

Vic Franqui versus Gary Conn

Hey people, I have been reading both Vic's blog and Gary Conns blog. The comment wars are amazing. Vic is calling Gary a scammer and Gary says the same about Vic.

As you know, vic is hosting a huge contest for his readers which got me thinking. I propose a match up between Gary Conn and vic Franqui.

A contest of Champions we can call it. Now I know that both Gary and Vic are very busy fellas but, I am calling for a 'throw down!"

This would be cool because:

1. Both men have loyal readers who would love to see "the truth" in action.

2. All this back and forth would stop.

3. One man would EARN the respect of all the MMO bloggers in the niche hands down!

4. All of the readers would benefit from observing a battle between giants. Just think of what kind of case study THAT would be!

5. It would generate tremendous interest.

6. It has to happen sooner or later or else both guys will look like wimps backing out of a good 'fight'

7. One mans methods will be validated while the other exposed as the BS it is.

Are you with me on this one? Think we can get both guys to agree to a fair (no black hat !!!!) contest based on SEO and practical knowledge?

What I want to do here is sort of create a petition if you will. I am sure that the vast majority, if not all of you who read this post of mine, probably agree with me here on this one.

It's a win win. The man who wins this Championship contest EARNS serious respect far and wide. The readers win too...I already mentioned how the readers would benefit above.

Winner gets the other guys flagship blog!

If you think this is a cool idea leave a comment below and lets see if we can make a HUGE list of comments (you signing a petition) so we can gauge the level of interest.

I want readers from both blogs to comment here. Are you with me?

If you think this is really a cool idea consider linking back to me with a MMO keyword. If you don't that's fine. I'm still going to approve all comments.


make money anywhere said...

Good luck getting that organized! but it would be an interesting test, if you can get some ground rules agreed to. The proof is in the pudding, and the devil's in the details.

mariam said...

Vic has already on numerous occasions called on all comers. He always does a challenge of SEO of who can get a term indexed first. As far as I know, only Griz took him up on it. Vic was a fraction faster but Griz soon overtook him in ranking #1 within a day.

Vic invites people on his chat and has offered to do picture in picture. I seriously don't think it's Vic.

lissie said...

Yeah I'm in - good call

PingPong Paddles said...

No real need for Vic to waste his time. We all know Vic is the real deal. Gary's own last name says it all - Garry Con

SEO tips for business said...

Ha ha. This kind of stuff usually spooks me because people can take it way too seriously and it can become ugly. Too ugly for any real benefit. But if Vic were to put his clown nose back on, and Gary could buy one and learn how it works, the "games" could partake in a spirit of "play" and we could all benefit from the knowledge.

But I'd rather Vic finish the contest first and catch up on his business. He's got enough on his plate.

Here's an idea - why doesn't the winner of the contest take Conn on? There's a payback.

Bryan Clark said...

Are you serious? I think that's probably the last thing that the blogosphere needs. It's a digital version of a "who has the biggest Johnson" contest. Stupid idea!

But this lil tidbit is priceless...

3. One man would EARN the respect of all the MMO bloggers in the niche hands down!

If you think it's that easy, get out now while you still can.

And quit trying to fuel a fire. Controversy is only good for a blog when it has a purpose. Trying to egg on someone else's fight isn't going to do much for you.

Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets said...

Hey! seems like i'm the first to comment!
I think it's a great idea, and i'll support Vic all the way since everything i know (that works) i have learned from him and the other two horsemen.

Rhys said...

I suspect you of trying to cash in on someone else's fight.
The real deal would be to FIRST put this idea to your proposed contestants(victims?) - Yes??

Admin said...

**dirt cheap airline tickets--nice keyword, keep working it! Yeah I think this would be interesting but,

**Bryan Clark--I am not trying to drum up traffic for this blog. I'm not even selling anything on it. And with the reputations that Vic and Gary have it would easily earn tons of respect in the MMO niche.

These guys are widely known. Listen Bryan, I'm totally unknown and I make my money thank you. I have no aspirations of becoming a famous and credible blogger. It's not my game bro. So relax and don't spill your beer.

Also, I see that your opinion is in the minority so far.

You think this is the last thing the blogosphere needs huh? You don't think the MMO niche needs a text book real life case study. Competition brings out the best.

I think you are just distancing yourself from any future "call out" because perhaps you know nothing about seo and adsense. Just a thought.

**SEO tips for business---

I love the clown nose! It make me laugh.

**PingPong Paddes--

Yeah I hear ya buy wouldn't you SHIT if Vic got smoked by Gary!?!?


You should have bummed an anchored text off me.


Yes I know, you are correct about that.

**make money anywhere--

Vic said he would do it but only for a serious wager! Like 20,000. But I'm sure Gary Conn being an A-Lister an all has that kind of $$. Besides, money talks and BS walks right?

Admin said...


I did in fact leave comments at both Vics blog and Gary's blog. And Listen, I know you probably can't believe this but...I don't need this traffic. I am not doing this for my own gain.

What, like I wanna 'break into the scene" by organizing something like this? No thanks. I just want to see what the interest is because I think most of us would really benefit from observing the winning methods.

As soon as this ONE post is filled with comments and the topic is dry, I'm going back to having trickle traffic.

Most of the folks leaving comments here today I am familiar with and I see them on some of the blogs I visit daily.

I'll leave your link too even though you think I'm underhanded.

Bryan Clark said...

LMAO. Do your homework before saying I know nothing about SEO and adsense. I make more in a month than you make all year!

Admin said...

Bryan, you don't know who I am or what I make in a year. Do you?
See, I go to both your blog (once in a while) and Vics blog (more often).

I don't know you and I haven't read any of your blogs front to back, so I'm not going to say anything about you. I just don't know if you are really a scammer or not. I have no idea. I know what Vic says and I think Vic is tops but I don't know exactly what you preach or teach and do, so I will with hold my judgement.

But you don't seem like a very friendly guy.

Bryan, my point is that Vic is always publicly calling you guys out and no one is good enough to step up. All I hear is excuses.

You both go out of your way to call each other scammers and you are both obviously having trouble letting go.

See, my feeling is you are the "fake it till you make it" type but I could be completely wrong.

I don't buy any of the info you post about how much money you make. How much do you spend to make it?

If you are the "seo king" then go accept Vic's challenge to all of you in your little "A-lister" clique and show us how good you are.

You are a talker but do you back it up?

Car Insurance For Teenagers said...

He he,

I think if it goes ahead you should be allowed to sell tickets! I would buy one, and I wouldn't whine that you got to make a few bucks - after all, it was your idea.

Bryan Clark said...

First of all, don't put words in my mouth. I never said that I was the "SEO king". I'm willing to concede to Vic before even starting on that one. He's damn good at what he does, and I respect that.

My trouble is people like you. The fight between Vic and Garry, isn't yours. Both of these guys are grown men, and if they want to duke it out on their blogs, it's not your place to step in and try to capitalize on the opportunity. But then again, it's not my place to step in and stop you from trying to egg on a fight like like some loser who gets off on stirring up controversy in an already turbulent niche.

The idea is lame, and if either of them decided to go through with it, I'd be incredibly surprised.

Grizzly Brears said...

If you think about it the MMO niche is already a contest and last I checked Vic has made page 1 on the only index that matters...

Bare Minerals Makeup Guide said...

This sounds like a great idea! I'd love to see who wins!

Admin said...


You come to my blog and tell me that you make more money in a month than I do in a year...and that I should do my homework before suggesting that you PERHAPS don't don't know squat about seo.

Now your mad that I called you the seo king.

Secondly, I don't give a rats ass about Vic and Gary's personal vendettas!

I have no interest whatsoever in fueling an argument. In fact, when I go to an MMO and see that the bloggers are just ranting about one another I leave.

Problem is, everywhere I so these days I see bloggers slinging shit at each other...

This is like two guys saying they can beat the other in an arm wrestling contest. Both guys are in the same room day after day. Let's arm wrestle. What's the big deal.

Bryan, I just want to watch two guys who think they are better than one another go at it.

We all could benefit from observing the techniques used by both big shots.

That's all man.

Admin said...


Griz, I've been waiting for you to post again at your blog man!

You are actually quite right. The MMO niche is already a contest. Well said.

But you know Griz, I get tired of people "just talking"...Vic calls these guys out and all they do is make excuses and keep talking.

Now is Gary's chance to put Vic in his place...if he has the balls and knowledge enough to do it.

I think most people who commented here aleady have a strong gut feeling that Vic would totally smoke Gary in a contest like this...but when you go to Gary blog or Byans blogs everyone there thinks these two guys know friggen everthing. Like they are MMO gurus.

Let's see.

Muscle Post said...

Saw your blog over on Courtney Tuttle's site and I thought you had an interesting idea. I'd love to see it happen and I'm sure you will keep us posted. Thanks!

Admin said...

**Muscle Post--

Thanks for giving us you two cents. That's all I want is to gauge the interest.

Anonymous said...

I think this would be a collossal waste of time. Griz has it right that this niche is already one big contest, and Vic is already closing in on a first page ranking. And beyond that, Vic's got enough on his plate as it is. I would rather he used his time to keep teaching those willing to learn, and not screw around putting yet another clueless jackass in his place. Conns words are empty. Continuing to acknowledge him just takes away from time the rest of us can learn from Vic.

Admin said...

Thanks for your input Vinny. Yeah, I know that Vic has better things to do and his time is probably better spent doing what he is doing...which is truly remarkable.

Vinny, see here is the thing. Once in a while Vic calls these guys out right? So I entertained the thought that he would be up for something like this.

Vic is a super competitive guy it seems. Gary? I don't know. He is doing some kind of competition like this isn't he? I don't know for sure as I don't follow his blog.

But think Vinny for a moment about all the clueless noobs out there that don't know better and follow the wrong MMO bloggers. They don't know better. But they would know where to go to REALLY learn the tricks of the trade after a contest like this.

All in all Vin I agree with you but I just love great match ups! Like Fraser and Ali -the greatest match of all time.

One question Vinny... how did you come up with the name "Vinny Lingo"?

I get a kick out of it.

Johnni said...

Yes. I would love to see this clash of the titans. I doubt that it could be organized considering how busy both of them are. I wonder who would win? I am betting on Vic

Admin said...

I know VIc knows what he is doing. Gary Conn? I don't follow his blog so I can't say one way or another. But Vic, he knows every little detail about EVERYTHING that has to do with the internet, computers and sales/marketing.

Some people can't handle Vic's language and aggressive stance. As far as some of the self proclaimed A-lister bloggers, I think these guys hate Vic more because he is rocking what used to be their boat.

I've seen some of these guys writing about how Vic is a scammer and all that. But not one of those "rich money making A-listers" will drop $10,000 down and take up the challenge. I mean, with what Bryan and his friends make every month it should be no problem laying that kind of money down.

Cheap Closeout Baseball Bats said...

I Agree with Giz on this one the whole contest is already over in my opinion. While I'm sure it would be very entertaining to watch, I think its best not to stir up a hornets nest the rest of us might get stung in the process.

Negative Calorie Foods Diet said...

It would be interesting to see a step by step contest, but I think in the end the search engine rankings tell you all you need to know. Thanks for the free anchor text ;)