Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Sound Business Model For Making Money Online

A Sound Business Model For Making Money Online

Buy BANS. Purchase 100 domains (especially if they are on sale like dot info for $.99) and get a reseller account at hostgator. Install all 100 bans sites and focus each one around 3 related keywords. Example: Harley Davidson Gear, Harley Davidson Clothes, Harley Davidson Drive Pulleys.

Create three pages for each site super focused it's own single keyword. Don't fill your bans store up with tons of pages. Just 3. Write some keyword stuffed content for each page and you are done. Make sure to put your keywords in the title, meta tags and content.

When bans populates your store with the products in your targetted niche you will receive even more keyword stuffing as the products will all have your keyword in their name. Great for rankings.

Now, go get tons of links. There are 4 basic ways to get links in mass quantity quickly. First, use Bookmarking Demon to gets hundreds of anchor text backlinks to your site. You need the anchor text or else you wont rank for your keyword.

While Bookmarking Demon does its thing, you should submit three articles to thousands of article directories with an article submitter. At this point when Bookmarking Demon finishes it's run you should set it up for another. Create a new account (on BMD) and let it go again. Make sure to tag each url (of your bans site) with 10 tags. Use keywords in the tags. So, if you have three pages to bookmark for your bans site and you submit to 40 different bookmarking sites ( using BMD automatically) and you tag each url with ten tags you will end up with about 1200 links. They take a while to get counted so forget about the stats for a while.

Next, while Bookmarking Demon is doing the second run, you should use your directory submission software to start getting directory links with anchor text. Finally, after Bookmarking Demon finishes the second run, you set it up for just one more run. While it's running you keep getting links with the directory submission software. After that you break out Real Link Finder or Comment Demon to find some DO FOLLOW blogs and get more links.

Then you are finished. Move on to the next site.

Once your links get counted you will start to get some trickle traffic...but super targetted traffic that converts really well.

Try to make $1 per day off of each site. Make 1000 of these over the next year and quit your day job.