Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Work At Home

Work At Home

Work at home is one of the most popular and competitive search phrases for this niche. I going to run a little experiment here where I try to rank for this phrase "work at home" without getting links for it. I know it sounds stupid but a friend of mine did an experiment where he ranked on page one for "jbl monitors" with getting any links at all. I'm sure he wont last there but it was interesting.

Now, let's see...what shall I do? How about I try stuffing the keyword into this content. I'm already doing that by naming my title work at home not to mention the title of this blog. The only problem is that Google has a filter in place to penalize blogs or sites that keyword spam their pages. What is the threshold? I'm wondering about that myself, are you?

I can check my keyword density with this cool "seo quake" free software I have (and recommend). Some top ranking pages have upto 8% keyword density but that's really pushing it. I think between 2% to 5% is optimal. But who knows because google is always updating its algorithms, it could be that anything more than 2% is inviting a flag.

Let's check some of the top competitors out and see what their seo layout is for the term work at home.

Work At Home Sites On Page One

These are the results for the term "work at home" but without quotes. Make money online comes in at number four. Let's now have a look at some of these pages; this is the home page for "Work at home jobs"

First thing I looked at is the keyword density. Using "Seo Quake" I see that this page has a high single word density. "Home" ranks at %3.15, was used 18 times and "Work" ranks at %2.97 and was used 17 times. These words were used in the url, title, descrition and in the Meta content-repeatedly.

We can also see that the term "work at home" was used in every paragraph and in some of the headings. All of the adsense ads are also work at home titled. So this page is packed to the hilt in work at home seo. There are also 8,884 links to that very page. Probobly a lot of quality anchor text as well. The site is a PR5.

Work at Home dot org

We can see plenty of ads here. Man, this page is covered in ads! It's like a spam page. How come when a blog covers it's pages in affiliate products it's spam but when you have all ads and no content, your page can rank number two for this highly popular term?

The keyword density for this page is not as heavy as the last one. Again there is a focus on the single words, Home and Work. Over 9,000 links showing for this page too.
Check out the meta for this page:

You can see two "meta content=". The title and all the meta is absolutely stuffed with work at home meta. This person took the approach of also stuffing tons of keywords in to the meta. Let's compare this to number three:

WAHM.com (Work at Home Moms)

There really isn't much content on this page so it must have to do with the 35,000 links! That's a lot of anchor text with work at home related terms. These mom blogs always have little kid cartoons all over them. It reminds me of a second grade classroom. An environment that encourages a sense of trust...which is good for sales.

Let's have a look at the meta content:

Again we see some really broad keyword choices like-mom,mommy,parent,parenting etc...I really wonder how effective that is seo wise. Probably not very effective. But if you have a zillion Work at home back links then you are going to rank hing for your terms.

What these work at home sites have in common

They all focused on single word keyword stuffing. They tried to find as many ways to use the words work and home as possible. These sites had the title and meta stuffed to the gills with "work at home" and "home work" phrases.

These are useful pages too. They act as resources almost purely. A kind of one stop for all your work at home related info. These are the kinds of pages that are saved in people's favorites when the see how many cool links there are and how much info they can read later.

None of the pages are drab. They all have some kind of picture on them.

What kinds of folks search for the term "work at home"?

Think about it. Do you search for "work at home"? Probably not because most of you reading my blog are probably some what experienced with online marketing. So then who searches for "work at home"? I would guess that it's most likely those people who have never searched such a term or related term before. Probably someone who had a bad day at work and in the heat of true inspiration decided to take the plunge and start looking for ways to work at home.

So these site owners did a smart thing by making these pages resource packed. Links to all kinds of work at home information. Freelance work, stuffing envelopes, stay at home mom sites, job boards. Just a vast selection of material to browse. People bookmark it or save it to their favorites.

Think I can rank for work at home?

I'm trying my best right now! I intend to push the limits and even cross the line with this post. I've stuffed so much work at home in this blog that I think it's going to puke! Thankfully blogs can't puke...so let me publish this page and see what happens. I'll check my density and report back in a minute. By the way, before I go, I want to mention that before I wrote this post I checked google to see where I ranked for "work at home" and I went through like 50 pages and I was nowhere to be found. Ok, I'll check my density now and report right back.

* * *

My density for work is %2.18 and for home it's almost %2.

I found some cool tags that I've experimented with...meta tags.

If you decide to link to this page use the words "work at home" just for the hell of it. Check out my review of social bookmarking demon software.