Friday, August 15, 2008

Bookmarking Demon 4 Review


Bookmarking Demon 4 (here)is due to be released any time now. The price is going up from $97 to $147 so get in now and save your money! You are going to want this tool more than ever before and that's no shit folks!

I just got an email from Edwin today regarding the bookmarking demon 4 major update. In his email he said that it is infact not an update at all but an entirely new program! YeeeeHawwwwwwww!! Is bookmarking demon 4 worth it at $147 ? Yup. These are some of the features of BMD 4:

* It will bookmark to 100 social bookmarking sites. 20 main sites, scuttle, scuttle plus and pligg!! Can you say, "Hell Yeah!" I'm a little excited about this because some of the new features are just awesome.
* Hide your links automatically! BMD will grab random links to add to your bookmarking run and make your accounts look more legit. I've been doing that with BMD Buddy but now it's all rolled into the software itself. Very cool.
* Proxy list checked in real time. You just click the option and that's it. Easier and better than the previous version
* Special randomize description feature.
* Add your own scuttle and pligg and scuttle plus sites
* BMD 4 will save your rss links from the profile pages for pinging. I have been doing this manually and what a pain in the ass it is. But it works like magic. Now it's gonna be done automatically. What an awesome addition.
* Randomly select different profiles you've created. Reducing footprints...
* Novice and Expert Modes
* Whole new look and feel

There are more features but this is what I remember and I'm too lazy to check my email for the rest of the details.

End of Update

Bookmarking Demon Tips and Strategies

Here it is...I'm going to give a quick review of one of my favorite tools.
I've been doing a lot of Social Bookmarking runs lately and it's actually pretty effective. I planned on doing a run on this blog next. Bookmarking Demon is a really cool tool that helps you save tons of time.

Bookmarking Demon:What Does it Do?

Bookmarking Demon allows you to create tons of backlinks to your blog in no time flat. This totally accelerates the pace at which you can create links from social bookmarking sites. What it does is it creates accounts for you at about 20 of the major bookmarking sites. You can also do scuttle runs. Scuttle sites are basically social bookmarking sites created by a scuttle script. There's tons of them out there and you can bookmark your favorite sites...some scuttle sites don't even have an admin panel. So they are a great resource for anchored links.

How Much Does Bookmarking Demon Cost?

Bookmarking Demon costs $97. If you are serious about getting links then bookmarking demon is your tool.

Is Bookmarking Demon a Black Hat Tool?

Yes and no. It depends on how you use it. Bookmarking Demon can be used as both a white hat tool and black hat tool. You've got to be careful how you use it or you could get flagged as spam. You don't want to get too many links at once on the same account for instance. It's a powerful tool so if your greedy, you could screw yourself over. But if you use it the right way then it's a great time saver.

How to Use Bookmarking Demon?

Here's an example of how I use Bookmarking Demon. When I go to do a run with Bookmarking Demon I'll usually hit about 50 social bookmarking sites. That's 50 one way back links in just a few minutes. But there's a couple things you should do if you want to get the most out of Bookmarking Demon. First itp: you want to create at least 10 tags for each submission. This is something I learned from Vic at Blogger Unleashed.

See, when you tag an article that creates a new page and a new link for your article. So if you go on a bookmarking demon run and hit 50 social bookmarking sites, and put ten tags on each post-that's 500 links. How many links do you get when you go on a link hunt? 20?

Bookmarking Demon Tip 2

OK, next tip. Look at your post. What keyword is it focused on? Suppose your post is titled, "How to get link juice from Bookmarking Demon" one is going to search for that exact title. So when you enter your post into a Social Bookmarking site you should change the title. Make the title more broad. Something like, "How to get links quickly" or "Google Page Rank" or "Link strategies"--something someone would search for. You have to understand how people search.

You have the opportunity to create tons of focused anchor text. Don't be stupid and use the same anchor text 500 times! Vary your anchor text to make it look more natural.

I use Bookmarking Demon all the time and it kicks ass. I have gone overboard and screwed a couple of blogs over (my blogs) but now I know how to handle it. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about building links.

One more tip about Bookmarking Demon Runs

It's a good idea to sort of hide your links when you do a legit social site run. What I mean by legit is sites like Simpy and Delicious and the top dogs that you here of all the time. When you do a Bookmarking Demon run you should hide your links between other urls. So say you want to bookmark your home page. You would also bookmark 4 other urls from generic places like yahoo, technorati, cnn, what ever. If you are going to bookmark 5 of your own urls then your going to want to hide them with about 20 other urls. Make sense?

Scuttle Runs

On scuttle runs you dont need to hide anything. You can scuttle run your ass off! There are a lot of unsuccessful submissions on scuttle runs but there's also a lot that are successful. Scuttle runs usually take quite a while to do. Bookmarking Demon finds the scuttle sites online and then registers to them all with the info you provide.

You don't need to hide your urls when you do a scuttle run. Scuttle runs are really easy freebies. Let's face's a wonderful opportunity for a link farm. Something no one likes to talk about right? Well you could use Bookmarking Demon that way if you want to. Remember scuttle runs are usually no page rank no traffic. Just a link with your chosen anchor. That's what this social bookmarking thing is all about. Links and not traffic. It's this thing people who social bookmark, they are savvy. savvy folks are the ones cruising Digg adn Stumble. These people don't click ads when they come to your site. Why? Because they have no particular need. Look, if you own a restaurant and your frozen drink machine dies on you, you are going to need another one FAST! So you go online and search for a deal before you go and pay the big bucks to the retailer. So there you are typing "Frozen drink machines".

Too much shit comes up. You see stuff about the history of frozen need to refine your search right? Ok add cheap to it. "frozen drink machines cheap"

See, this is how targeted traffic thinks. This is what's behind it all. Search engine traffic. You don't want a bunch of browsers and readers coming to your money site you want clickers. Clicks equals money.

So don't get bookmarking demon for the traffic, get it for the links. Just remember to hide your urls when you bookmark the top sites like simpy and whatnot. These social bookmarking sites have some high page ranks and the bots are always there finding your links.

Scuttle runs just rock out. Get your links like a hungry pig. The top sites...have some respect and don't get too greedy. Hide your urls between other legit bookmarks so as not to leave a footprint that is easy to trace.

Another thing you can do with BMD is bookmark your articles and hub pages. Squidoo pages too. Yeah, if you want to hide your urls when bookmarking at the legit sites then you might as well use your hub and squidoo pages. This will give them some juice. Don't forget the Yahoo Answers pages too. Bookmark all of these and you'll give your site some juice from the back end.

Check out this article on site promotion and getting links. It's at One Way Link Building Software.

If you want to know how people score tons of links quickly while you struggle to get just a few, then read the article linked to above. It also shows how bookmarking demon fits into an overall link building campaign.

Another Bookmarking Demon Tip

You can use BMD to get your sites indexed very quickly and a lot of people don't appreciate how cool that is. For instance say you set up a few hub pages and squidoo pages with your affiliate links on them. You create 500 blogs with blogger generator and link to the squidoo and hub pages. Now use BMD to bookmark your blogger blogs...all 500 of them. Use a proxy if you want to hide your ip. Once you bookmark all your blogs a few times you will see many of them getting indexed. Then the links suddenly all point to your squidoo and hub pages and you can take position number one.

That is an extremely powerful technique and you can score on a really competitive keyword that way but it never last long. Someone will get pissed that you outranked them and blow the whistle on you. But hey, if you get a quick 8,000 uniques then you can make yourself a grand or two.

So in that case quick indexing is very important and bookmarking demon can help you make money in that regard. Try it out and see what happens. Don't be afraid to experiment as there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to promoting YOUR BUSINESS! In the end what we do is an art form and we need to be creative like artists.

Here's the link to Bookmarking Demon 4