Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bookmarking Demon Links

Updates! Here's some new automation for ya!

1. Bookmarking Demon 5 is coming out.

2. BlogfarmerPro creates blogfarms on wpmu's!! Now I'm excited.

3. Komment King comments on blogs 100,000 blogs!

4. ReferBombPro will get you thousands of referrer links automated.

5. Searchbot will scrape tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of targets for you to get links to or build farms on. There's more to it and I suggest you check it out.

6. RSS2WP will create an article from ezine articles, put your links in it and post to your wpmu farm. It also has a feature that allows you to interlink your thousands of blogs in your blogfarm.

Bookmarking Demon 4
(here)is out in beta and I've been using it for a couple of months now. I had bookmarking demon version 3 and when I compare version 4 to version 3 it's no comparison at all. Bookmarking Demon 4 is way way better. In beta right now it's only %60 functional and it still blows bmd3 away, and bmd3 was really good as it was.

For those that don't know bookmarking demon 4 gets you links to your site and lots of traffic too. I'm not going to get into all of its features but I'll explain why I love bmd4.

I was at at forum lately and I saw this really good post about how much money and time bookmarking demon saves you. Check it out.
I'll paraphrase it.

How much is your time worth? Is it worth say $2 an hour? Who the hell makes $2 an hour???
So say your time is worth a whole two bucks an hour. OK. Now lets say you create ten bookmarking accounts and bookmark 2000 links. Now say it takes you only 2 minutes to bookmark a link.

So that's 4000 minutes or just about 70 hours or so. Let's do the math now. That's $140 worth of your time, if you only make two bucks an hour. See, isn't that a no friggen brainer or what?

You can use it for white hat and black hat stuff. The black hat stuff doesn't really pan out the way I would like it too and it's too temporary. You get banned from the bookmarking sites fast. Kinda sucks. But if you really want to spam with BMD and make some quick cash (maybe) try this simple technique.

Create a ton of blogspot blogs and use an iframe redirect to your affiliate sales page. Then promote the blogs with bookmarking demon. Then, whenever someone clicks on one of your links at the bookmarking sites, instead of ending up at your site they end up at the affiliate closing page. The sales page. If you use really long tail keywords then you might even get a little targeted traffic. You can make money with this but you need a lot of bookmarking accounts. Like a hundred.

I use it in a white hat way. I just get my anchored links. I don't use bookmarking demon for traffic because traffic from social sites is generally not targeted enough. I just get them links. It's all about links.

So if you set up bookmarking demon to run every night before you got to bed, think of how much time you are saving and what it's worth to ya. Literally get links in your sleep. click

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bookmarking Demon 4 Review


Bookmarking Demon 4 (here)is due to be released any time now. The price is going up from $97 to $147 so get in now and save your money! You are going to want this tool more than ever before and that's no shit folks!

I just got an email from Edwin today regarding the bookmarking demon 4 major update. In his email he said that it is infact not an update at all but an entirely new program! YeeeeHawwwwwwww!! Is bookmarking demon 4 worth it at $147 ? Yup. These are some of the features of BMD 4:

* It will bookmark to 100 social bookmarking sites. 20 main sites, scuttle, scuttle plus and pligg!! Can you say, "Hell Yeah!" I'm a little excited about this because some of the new features are just awesome.
* Hide your links automatically! BMD will grab random links to add to your bookmarking run and make your accounts look more legit. I've been doing that with BMD Buddy but now it's all rolled into the software itself. Very cool.
* Proxy list checked in real time. You just click the option and that's it. Easier and better than the previous version
* Special randomize description feature.
* Add your own scuttle and pligg and scuttle plus sites
* BMD 4 will save your rss links from the profile pages for pinging. I have been doing this manually and what a pain in the ass it is. But it works like magic. Now it's gonna be done automatically. What an awesome addition.
* Randomly select different profiles you've created. Reducing footprints...
* Novice and Expert Modes
* Whole new look and feel

There are more features but this is what I remember and I'm too lazy to check my email for the rest of the details.

End of Update

Bookmarking Demon Tips and Strategies

Here it is...I'm going to give a quick review of one of my favorite tools.
I've been doing a lot of Social Bookmarking runs lately and it's actually pretty effective. I planned on doing a run on this blog next. Bookmarking Demon is a really cool tool that helps you save tons of time.

Bookmarking Demon:What Does it Do?

Bookmarking Demon allows you to create tons of backlinks to your blog in no time flat. This totally accelerates the pace at which you can create links from social bookmarking sites. What it does is it creates accounts for you at about 20 of the major bookmarking sites. You can also do scuttle runs. Scuttle sites are basically social bookmarking sites created by a scuttle script. There's tons of them out there and you can bookmark your favorite sites...some scuttle sites don't even have an admin panel. So they are a great resource for anchored links.

How Much Does Bookmarking Demon Cost?

Bookmarking Demon costs $97. If you are serious about getting links then bookmarking demon is your tool.

Is Bookmarking Demon a Black Hat Tool?

Yes and no. It depends on how you use it. Bookmarking Demon can be used as both a white hat tool and black hat tool. You've got to be careful how you use it or you could get flagged as spam. You don't want to get too many links at once on the same account for instance. It's a powerful tool so if your greedy, you could screw yourself over. But if you use it the right way then it's a great time saver.

How to Use Bookmarking Demon?

Here's an example of how I use Bookmarking Demon. When I go to do a run with Bookmarking Demon I'll usually hit about 50 social bookmarking sites. That's 50 one way back links in just a few minutes. But there's a couple things you should do if you want to get the most out of Bookmarking Demon. First itp: you want to create at least 10 tags for each submission. This is something I learned from Vic at Blogger Unleashed.

See, when you tag an article that creates a new page and a new link for your article. So if you go on a bookmarking demon run and hit 50 social bookmarking sites, and put ten tags on each post-that's 500 links. How many links do you get when you go on a link hunt? 20?

Bookmarking Demon Tip 2

OK, next tip. Look at your post. What keyword is it focused on? Suppose your post is titled, "How to get link juice from Bookmarking Demon" one is going to search for that exact title. So when you enter your post into a Social Bookmarking site you should change the title. Make the title more broad. Something like, "How to get links quickly" or "Google Page Rank" or "Link strategies"--something someone would search for. You have to understand how people search.

You have the opportunity to create tons of focused anchor text. Don't be stupid and use the same anchor text 500 times! Vary your anchor text to make it look more natural.

I use Bookmarking Demon all the time and it kicks ass. I have gone overboard and screwed a couple of blogs over (my blogs) but now I know how to handle it. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about building links.

One more tip about Bookmarking Demon Runs

It's a good idea to sort of hide your links when you do a legit social site run. What I mean by legit is sites like Simpy and Delicious and the top dogs that you here of all the time. When you do a Bookmarking Demon run you should hide your links between other urls. So say you want to bookmark your home page. You would also bookmark 4 other urls from generic places like yahoo, technorati, cnn, what ever. If you are going to bookmark 5 of your own urls then your going to want to hide them with about 20 other urls. Make sense?

Scuttle Runs

On scuttle runs you dont need to hide anything. You can scuttle run your ass off! There are a lot of unsuccessful submissions on scuttle runs but there's also a lot that are successful. Scuttle runs usually take quite a while to do. Bookmarking Demon finds the scuttle sites online and then registers to them all with the info you provide.

You don't need to hide your urls when you do a scuttle run. Scuttle runs are really easy freebies. Let's face's a wonderful opportunity for a link farm. Something no one likes to talk about right? Well you could use Bookmarking Demon that way if you want to. Remember scuttle runs are usually no page rank no traffic. Just a link with your chosen anchor. That's what this social bookmarking thing is all about. Links and not traffic. It's this thing people who social bookmark, they are savvy. savvy folks are the ones cruising Digg adn Stumble. These people don't click ads when they come to your site. Why? Because they have no particular need. Look, if you own a restaurant and your frozen drink machine dies on you, you are going to need another one FAST! So you go online and search for a deal before you go and pay the big bucks to the retailer. So there you are typing "Frozen drink machines".

Too much shit comes up. You see stuff about the history of frozen need to refine your search right? Ok add cheap to it. "frozen drink machines cheap"

See, this is how targeted traffic thinks. This is what's behind it all. Search engine traffic. You don't want a bunch of browsers and readers coming to your money site you want clickers. Clicks equals money.

So don't get bookmarking demon for the traffic, get it for the links. Just remember to hide your urls when you bookmark the top sites like simpy and whatnot. These social bookmarking sites have some high page ranks and the bots are always there finding your links.

Scuttle runs just rock out. Get your links like a hungry pig. The top sites...have some respect and don't get too greedy. Hide your urls between other legit bookmarks so as not to leave a footprint that is easy to trace.

Another thing you can do with BMD is bookmark your articles and hub pages. Squidoo pages too. Yeah, if you want to hide your urls when bookmarking at the legit sites then you might as well use your hub and squidoo pages. This will give them some juice. Don't forget the Yahoo Answers pages too. Bookmark all of these and you'll give your site some juice from the back end.

Check out this article on site promotion and getting links. It's at One Way Link Building Software.

If you want to know how people score tons of links quickly while you struggle to get just a few, then read the article linked to above. It also shows how bookmarking demon fits into an overall link building campaign.

Another Bookmarking Demon Tip

You can use BMD to get your sites indexed very quickly and a lot of people don't appreciate how cool that is. For instance say you set up a few hub pages and squidoo pages with your affiliate links on them. You create 500 blogs with blogger generator and link to the squidoo and hub pages. Now use BMD to bookmark your blogger blogs...all 500 of them. Use a proxy if you want to hide your ip. Once you bookmark all your blogs a few times you will see many of them getting indexed. Then the links suddenly all point to your squidoo and hub pages and you can take position number one.

That is an extremely powerful technique and you can score on a really competitive keyword that way but it never last long. Someone will get pissed that you outranked them and blow the whistle on you. But hey, if you get a quick 8,000 uniques then you can make yourself a grand or two.

So in that case quick indexing is very important and bookmarking demon can help you make money in that regard. Try it out and see what happens. Don't be afraid to experiment as there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to promoting YOUR BUSINESS! In the end what we do is an art form and we need to be creative like artists.

Here's the link to Bookmarking Demon 4

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Condom Depot new Trend

Condom Depot is this idea where in certain parts of the world they are literally installing Condom Depots. I know that wasn't very clearly explained by me now was it? These are public buildings where you can get a free condom. The idea really is to help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

I wrote a post about condom depot when I fist heard about it early in july, it is in the archives. I just wrote a quick post with nothing much to say. I just wanted to see if I could catch it as it was really a new keyword. Condem Depot actually got me a link from google trends because I guess I hit the trend on the way up. So that's where those 15,000 visitors came from that day...

Now in order to add some value to this post in terms of it being related to the implied subject mattter, I will give you some of my uncalled for opinions.

Why does the world need a condom depot? In particular why is it a very poor section of the world like CHANDIGARH which is in India I believe. I mean what is up with everyone in all these third world countries having sexually transmitted diseases on an epidemic scale? Look at Africa (yes, I know that Africa is not a country but rather a continent) and how it is absolutely riddled with AIDS.

The whole world, the US in particular is donating money to africa to help fight the spread of AIDS. Why is there so much AIDS there? Probably cuz in a lot of those poor countries there ain't much more to do than have sex all the friggen time apparently.

Maybe that is the problem in general. Maybe there's just too much darn fucking! If everybody would only bang their wives and no one else (of course the same is true for the ladies...just bang your husbands) then all this shit would go away. You can't transmit sexually transmitted diseases without fucking.

You wouldn't need a condom depot if people would just do the right thing and save sex for marriage and be true. I know it sounds square but if you look at it with an open mind you will probably agree with me that it is true.

Of course this doesn't just apply to folks from India as everybody everywhere is fucking and spreading diseases. Folks times have changed. It is dangerous to have sex now! That is not a joke. Fun as it might be it is not a good idea to bang as many people as you can. It's dirty. It has to be, look at the results on a world wide scale. We didn't have AIDS in the US until after the 'sexual revolution' in the sixties and seventies.

I wonder if they have a problem with AIDS in middle eastern Muslim countries. They have pretty strict principles about sex out of marriage in those countries. Hmmm, I wonder if they have less AIDS or the same or on the high end... I wonder.

But shit, all of this would go away if people en mass stopped being greedy fucking pigs! Go get married and stay away from sexually transmitted diseases. We don't need Condom Depots we need a new moral standard.

Or should I say a revival of an old moral standard? All the way back to when the Bible was written it was considered VERY GOOD ADVICE to just bang your spouse and to be true. I guess the folks back then had already learned this lesson.

So if I were the king of the world the first thing I might do is proclaim that no one will be fucking no one but their spouse period. If you are caught fucking we chop 'em off! LOL.

This would be how I would combat something more evil and sinister than "GLOBAL WARMING" --- I think we have a real problem on our hands right now with disease and what not. I mean millions and millions of people are dying because of STD's. And there is a simple (alas not easy!) solution...stop fucking everybody you can!

Now we see why greed is called a deadly sin. Inspired by Condom Depot.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Important Links I Found Today

You wont learn anything from this post today. I am testing something out.

I am running a little experiment today. I frequently use article submitters and bookmarking demon to get my sites indexed fast and get some links in a hurry. The problem is, and you know this if you use bookmarking demon, that the links take forever to be counted. I have started messing around with the idea of gathering all of the urls I create as I tag my social bookmarks and post them to one of my blogs followed by a ping or two.

I have started to see some results and they are positive but more testing needs to be done in order to determine whether or not this is worth my time.

It seems to be working and you will notice a few links on this page that I was working on. I know that this blog gets almost instant indexing so I tried it here but I also want to try simply putting the list of urls in my pinger that I got when I purchased Blogger Generator.

I will let you know how it goes.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Condom Depot and Making Money Blogging

Aside from finding a great deal on cord covers today I also learned something new about keywords.
I have a keyword for you it is condom depot. Now I would have never thought of it before but it is a winner. Yes indeed ladies and gentleman, we have a real winner here. Condom Depot is all the rage right now. Just look it up in google. Now the deal would be if I could sell keyword elite to people looking for information on condom depot.

That would be an internet marketers dream. Condom depot is probably some weird movie title. I admit I don't even know what it is but what i do know is that people are searching for it today.

Sometimes people search for things all at once. The keyword elite and tools like that wont show it because it happens in one day.Actually it happens all at once. So if you can figure out how to monetize such a keyword like condom depot then you will have it made.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Niche Store Writer Review

Niche Store Writer Review

If you'd rather see the video demonstration you can see it here.

Learn how to promote this product with this free book that I found at Griz's site. Check it out sign up or anything. It's really free. It's all about Viral Marketing and if Griz recommends it then I recommend it.

Niche Store Writer came out today. I have already purchased it and am using it currently. Niche Store Writer is a tool I'm using to help generate unique content for my bans sites. If you have a niche store then you know what kind of a pain in the ass it can be to produce all that content. And we aren't talking about subject matter's boring and time consuming.

If you are addicted to building bans sites like I am then you are probably pretty happy with the fact that you can build an entire site, content an all in about a half an hour. You can get a hundred of these up in a few weeks if you just keep consistent.

Niche Store Writer Review and How it Fits Into the Business Model

Anyone who has studied how to make money online with Vic from Blogger Unleashed knows the system...the system that works! Knowing how to make money with BANS will help you understand why Niche Store Writer is such a great tool. Basically this is the rundown. You create a bans site in about 7 or 8 minutes using the BANS software. This is really great because you could literally make hundred of these and manage them all quite easily. The problem is writing the content. This is where Niche Store Writer comes into play.
No doubt the only part that takes time is the content generation. This is what niche store writer does for me now.

Niche Store Writer What Does It Do?

Niche store writer allows you to save as many templates as you want. you can edit the templates really quickly and easily and insert the proper keywords according to what ever niche you are working on. This makes everything run much more efficiently! I can get a bans site up in about 5 minutes now and that is taking my time. It's incredible how great this software works.

Is Niche Store Writer Easy To Use?

Yes, really easy! Thats another reason I like it. I'm not too techie don't even need a manual to use this...just check out the video.

Niche Store Writer
is super simple to use niche store writer. There really isn't anything else on the market like this. This is brand new and ahead of the curve. Sure to catch on big time as bans sites and niche sites in general are starting to become a real trend.

Niche Store Writer Affiliate Program

This is an affil product and since it just came out today you should jump in and take advantage of it. This will be a big seller even outside of the make money online niche. Niche store writer is the kind of tool that saves you a ton of time! Time you could use to get links which is what you need to do to get paid in case you didn't know that.

Niche Store Writer vs Duplicate Content

At first I thought that there would be a duplicate content problem with niche store writer. But if you understand duplicate content then you'll realize as I did that it's not really a problem with a product like this. It doesn't scrape content from other sites. It allows you to save your own (or pre designed) templates. Duplicate content goes through a process in google. First of all, the algorithm breaks up the content into 5-8 word chunks. Then, before deciding if it is duplicate content, google checks those chunks against a database of commonly used phrases so as not to penalize you for saying "thank you for your order" or "It has been a long week" ...these phrases and ones like them are used too often to be categorized as duplicate content. This is a loophole that niche store writer could exploit.

Create Your Templates With Niche Store Writer

You can create your own template and use it again and again simply changing the keywords. The more templates you have then the better off you are. Besides, when it comes down to it you can rank with duplicate content if you have the links. Think about it. Say you copy this very post and put it on your blog in 5 months from now. Who is going to rank higher? Me. But, does that mean that you could never out rank me even though you suffer the duplicate content penalty? Ever? Could you ever outrank me using my own content? Of course, if you have the links! See, that's what I like about niche store writer, it frees up my time for what is really important in an online business. Getting links will ultimately get you paid. The more links the more traffic the more clicks. Simple.

But getting links is work and it's boring so everyone like to justify not doing the work one way or another. It's all about links. As Vic once told me, "Doesn't Wikipedia rank highly for everyting?" and it's true. Think about that. What kind of word is wikipedia? That is their url. Didn't we all learn to buy a domain with your keyword in the url? It just doesn't matter really. I mean it does matter but it's not critical. Nothing is critical except links.

You can achieve a good ranking with out links just by posting frequently. But as soon as a competitor comes along with a ton of links kiss your ranking goodbye.

Anyways, Niche store writer is an awesome tool, a wonderful time saver and it's a product you can sell to anyone in any niche. I really like it and highly recommend Niche Store Writer.

Do You Recommend Niche Store Writer?

I don't recommend products lightly. I used to. But that was when I first started trying to make money online. I thought that was how it was done. You just market bull shit and try to make you money. Now I've come to realize that is not the way to do it. First of all you don't make squat marketing crap products! Secondly, it's going to come around and bite you in the ass. What comes around goes around. Having said that I fully endorse this product and the gentleman who created it is a stand up guy.

Niche Store Writer Review Demo
Bookmarking Demon Review

Monday, June 2, 2008

Easy Grey Hat Trick | Number 1

I have an easy little black hat trick for you today. I see that I have been getting some traffic lately, due to the post I made about Vic and Gary. Now, I normally don't have real readers on this blog. I just use this little baby for some of my affiliate products I push. But since I actually have some folks coming here to actually read something for a change, I figured I would take the time and actually write a useful blog post.

So What's The Easy Grey Hat Trick?

Ever heard of a redirect?

Now if you are not comfortable with cheating a little then you need to leave my blog. But if you want to learn an easy way to make some affiliate sales check this old trick out.

By the way, I' m not the genius who thought o f this cool little trick either. I learned it somewhere I just don't know where or when.
Here it is:

First, this is for blogger blogs. No need to spend money on hosting and everything. This is free.

1. Create a blogger blog. Name the blog after whatever affiliate product you are going to promote. With this kind of technique I use clickbank products. After you create a new blog write one post. It doesn't matter at all what you'll see why. Just write a post to activate the blog.

2.Now, go to the layout tab and click.

3.Now you need click the edit html button. Once you do that go and click "revert to cla ssic template".

4.Delete all of the html. All of it. Just right click and select all and delete.

5. Paste this code into your empty template. Make sure to insert your hoplink where it says "insert hoplink". A hoplink is your affiliate id at clickbank.

6. View your blog.

This is a redirect using iframes. It automatically takes you to the affiliate sales copy. Cool huh?

I like this because it is so quick and easy. I can set up 30 blogs like this in like an hour. No copy to write, nothing. I just promote the hell out them with the usual software. Just one page blogs.

Use bookmarking demon and article submission software to get the anchored text you want to rank for. I shoot only for longtail buyers keywords. Not much traffic but it converts pretty well. Sometimes your blog will get reported and deleted. I make about 25 of them in one sitting so I don't worry about it. I like how I don't have to write any content and you just send everyone right to the sales copy.

No maintenance, no content to write and it's super fast. This brings more visitors to the sales page. That's where we want them right? Unless you feel you can write more convincing sales copy.

I might show you a sneaky way to get some links but only if I get some comments on this article. If I don't then I'm going back to sticking an affiliate product on this homepage for a quick hundred bucks a month.


Friday, May 30, 2008

Vic Franqui versus Gary Conn

Vic Franqui versus Gary Conn

Hey people, I have been reading both Vic's blog and Gary Conns blog. The comment wars are amazing. Vic is calling Gary a scammer and Gary says the same about Vic.

As you know, vic is hosting a huge contest for his readers which got me thinking. I propose a match up between Gary Conn and vic Franqui.

A contest of Champions we can call it. Now I know that both Gary and Vic are very busy fellas but, I am calling for a 'throw down!"

This would be cool because:

1. Both men have loyal readers who would love to see "the truth" in action.

2. All this back and forth would stop.

3. One man would EARN the respect of all the MMO bloggers in the niche hands down!

4. All of the readers would benefit from observing a battle between giants. Just think of what kind of case study THAT would be!

5. It would generate tremendous interest.

6. It has to happen sooner or later or else both guys will look like wimps backing out of a good 'fight'

7. One mans methods will be validated while the other exposed as the BS it is.

Are you with me on this one? Think we can get both guys to agree to a fair (no black hat !!!!) contest based on SEO and practical knowledge?

What I want to do here is sort of create a petition if you will. I am sure that the vast majority, if not all of you who read this post of mine, probably agree with me here on this one.

It's a win win. The man who wins this Championship contest EARNS serious respect far and wide. The readers win too...I already mentioned how the readers would benefit above.

Winner gets the other guys flagship blog!

If you think this is a cool idea leave a comment below and lets see if we can make a HUGE list of comments (you signing a petition) so we can gauge the level of interest.

I want readers from both blogs to comment here. Are you with me?

If you think this is really a cool idea consider linking back to me with a MMO keyword. If you don't that's fine. I'm still going to approve all comments.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Niche Store Writer Video Demo

Niche Store Writer Video Demo

Watch the video presentation right here.

Niche Store Writer is such an incredible tool. This software generates unique, keyword rich content for your niche stores in minutes.

If you build niche stores then you no doubt have come to realize that producing the content is the part that takes the longest. Niche Store Writer solves that problem with flying colors.

I'm not an internet marketer who promotes affiliate products much, other than ebay, but this product is tops! Check out the niche store writer video demo.

Niche Store Writer Generates Content In Minutes

Niche Store Writer
allows you to save templates in which you can easily insert various keywords according to whatever niche you are working on.

No problems with duplicate content either. This turns creating niche store into a breeze. I can literally create 20 stores in an hour! The time I have saved with this product is amazing. I now use that extra time to get links which will get me paid. I dont want to piss around with writing that boring niche store content. This is the perfect tool for niche stores.

Niche Store Writer Affiliate Program

You can even sell niche store writer and easily at that. Lots of folks are building niche stores these days ,because it is so easy and profitable. Niche store writer just launched today so if you get in now you can beat the gurus.

Bookmarking Demon works well with Bans store by the way.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Sound Business Model For Making Money Online

A Sound Business Model For Making Money Online

Buy BANS. Purchase 100 domains (especially if they are on sale like dot info for $.99) and get a reseller account at hostgator. Install all 100 bans sites and focus each one around 3 related keywords. Example: Harley Davidson Gear, Harley Davidson Clothes, Harley Davidson Drive Pulleys.

Create three pages for each site super focused it's own single keyword. Don't fill your bans store up with tons of pages. Just 3. Write some keyword stuffed content for each page and you are done. Make sure to put your keywords in the title, meta tags and content.

When bans populates your store with the products in your targetted niche you will receive even more keyword stuffing as the products will all have your keyword in their name. Great for rankings.

Now, go get tons of links. There are 4 basic ways to get links in mass quantity quickly. First, use Bookmarking Demon to gets hundreds of anchor text backlinks to your site. You need the anchor text or else you wont rank for your keyword.

While Bookmarking Demon does its thing, you should submit three articles to thousands of article directories with an article submitter. At this point when Bookmarking Demon finishes it's run you should set it up for another. Create a new account (on BMD) and let it go again. Make sure to tag each url (of your bans site) with 10 tags. Use keywords in the tags. So, if you have three pages to bookmark for your bans site and you submit to 40 different bookmarking sites ( using BMD automatically) and you tag each url with ten tags you will end up with about 1200 links. They take a while to get counted so forget about the stats for a while.

Next, while Bookmarking Demon is doing the second run, you should use your directory submission software to start getting directory links with anchor text. Finally, after Bookmarking Demon finishes the second run, you set it up for just one more run. While it's running you keep getting links with the directory submission software. After that you break out Real Link Finder or Comment Demon to find some DO FOLLOW blogs and get more links.

Then you are finished. Move on to the next site.

Once your links get counted you will start to get some trickle traffic...but super targetted traffic that converts really well.

Try to make $1 per day off of each site. Make 1000 of these over the next year and quit your day job.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Make Money Online at Blogger Unleashed

Make Money Online at Blogger Unleashed

Hey, I've got to tell you about a really cool site I have been visiting for a couple of months now. It's called Blogger Unleashed and it's about how to make money online but it's the real deal.

Check this out. Vic, who is the man behind BLogger Unleashed, is an old black hatter who has gone almost white hat. Now Vic would probably argue that he's totally white hat now but to me he's still just almost white hat.

This is the most incredible blog/vlog online. For once you have a guy who actually knows what he's talking about giving advice for free on his vlog...daily. He doesn't market your typical affiliate bull shit and he's not making squat from us. In fact, this super busy dude goes quite out of the way to help others...quite a rarity these days.

Vic knows everything about computers and sites and code and promotion and keywords and everything! He's also the guy that introduced me to the proper way to use bookmarking demon. He's trying to fix a community of deprived blogger. He totally calls out the scammers with the BS ebooks.

Vic always has something cool to say in his vids and they offer real insight. If you want to learn how to make money online drop by vic's blog and check it out. It's not going to be what you expect!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Work At Home

Work At Home

Work at home is one of the most popular and competitive search phrases for this niche. I going to run a little experiment here where I try to rank for this phrase "work at home" without getting links for it. I know it sounds stupid but a friend of mine did an experiment where he ranked on page one for "jbl monitors" with getting any links at all. I'm sure he wont last there but it was interesting.

Now, let's see...what shall I do? How about I try stuffing the keyword into this content. I'm already doing that by naming my title work at home not to mention the title of this blog. The only problem is that Google has a filter in place to penalize blogs or sites that keyword spam their pages. What is the threshold? I'm wondering about that myself, are you?

I can check my keyword density with this cool "seo quake" free software I have (and recommend). Some top ranking pages have upto 8% keyword density but that's really pushing it. I think between 2% to 5% is optimal. But who knows because google is always updating its algorithms, it could be that anything more than 2% is inviting a flag.

Let's check some of the top competitors out and see what their seo layout is for the term work at home.

Work At Home Sites On Page One

These are the results for the term "work at home" but without quotes. Make money online comes in at number four. Let's now have a look at some of these pages; this is the home page for "Work at home jobs"

First thing I looked at is the keyword density. Using "Seo Quake" I see that this page has a high single word density. "Home" ranks at %3.15, was used 18 times and "Work" ranks at %2.97 and was used 17 times. These words were used in the url, title, descrition and in the Meta content-repeatedly.

We can also see that the term "work at home" was used in every paragraph and in some of the headings. All of the adsense ads are also work at home titled. So this page is packed to the hilt in work at home seo. There are also 8,884 links to that very page. Probobly a lot of quality anchor text as well. The site is a PR5.

Work at Home dot org

We can see plenty of ads here. Man, this page is covered in ads! It's like a spam page. How come when a blog covers it's pages in affiliate products it's spam but when you have all ads and no content, your page can rank number two for this highly popular term?

The keyword density for this page is not as heavy as the last one. Again there is a focus on the single words, Home and Work. Over 9,000 links showing for this page too.
Check out the meta for this page:

You can see two "meta content=". The title and all the meta is absolutely stuffed with work at home meta. This person took the approach of also stuffing tons of keywords in to the meta. Let's compare this to number three: (Work at Home Moms)

There really isn't much content on this page so it must have to do with the 35,000 links! That's a lot of anchor text with work at home related terms. These mom blogs always have little kid cartoons all over them. It reminds me of a second grade classroom. An environment that encourages a sense of trust...which is good for sales.

Let's have a look at the meta content:

Again we see some really broad keyword choices like-mom,mommy,parent,parenting etc...I really wonder how effective that is seo wise. Probably not very effective. But if you have a zillion Work at home back links then you are going to rank hing for your terms.

What these work at home sites have in common

They all focused on single word keyword stuffing. They tried to find as many ways to use the words work and home as possible. These sites had the title and meta stuffed to the gills with "work at home" and "home work" phrases.

These are useful pages too. They act as resources almost purely. A kind of one stop for all your work at home related info. These are the kinds of pages that are saved in people's favorites when the see how many cool links there are and how much info they can read later.

None of the pages are drab. They all have some kind of picture on them.

What kinds of folks search for the term "work at home"?

Think about it. Do you search for "work at home"? Probably not because most of you reading my blog are probably some what experienced with online marketing. So then who searches for "work at home"? I would guess that it's most likely those people who have never searched such a term or related term before. Probably someone who had a bad day at work and in the heat of true inspiration decided to take the plunge and start looking for ways to work at home.

So these site owners did a smart thing by making these pages resource packed. Links to all kinds of work at home information. Freelance work, stuffing envelopes, stay at home mom sites, job boards. Just a vast selection of material to browse. People bookmark it or save it to their favorites.

Think I can rank for work at home?

I'm trying my best right now! I intend to push the limits and even cross the line with this post. I've stuffed so much work at home in this blog that I think it's going to puke! Thankfully blogs can't let me publish this page and see what happens. I'll check my density and report back in a minute. By the way, before I go, I want to mention that before I wrote this post I checked google to see where I ranked for "work at home" and I went through like 50 pages and I was nowhere to be found. Ok, I'll check my density now and report right back.

* * *

My density for work is %2.18 and for home it's almost %2.

I found some cool tags that I've experimented with...meta tags.

If you decide to link to this page use the words "work at home" just for the hell of it. Check out my review of social bookmarking demon software.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

20 Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online Review

20 Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online Review

This is an old post and I'm about ready to write my own book on how to make money online. With blogger generator and bookmarking demon I can show you a couple of ways...but anyways here is my old review.

I've been looking at 20 ways to make $100 per day online for quite a while now. For $27 I figured it is worth a shot. Heaven knows I've been burned before but I had a good feeling with this one. I haven't read through it yet so this is sort of a pre review review. I like the sound of this book though because it's what I'm trying to do right now. If you've been following me from the beginning then you already know that I've accepted a challenge from a friend to make $100 per day online in 12 weeks time. I've been working at it like a son of a gun building links and blogs and oh man, everything.

I hope I'm not disappointed in this! It was written by a group of successful online entrepreneurs. Each person contributed their own way to make $100 per day online. So 20 ways...I'll definitely let you all know what the deal is with this book.

I hate getting a new ebook that promises something new and delivers the same old dried up crap! I hate that. That's why I hardly ever buy any info books anymore. I'm not sorry for buying the ones I did because I've learned alot from all of those books. I really like the "Get google ads Free" book. That was wasn't a scam. Blogging to the bank was good too. Perry Marshals adwords series is great too. There are some really great books out there. But you know how it is. You get burned a couple times and forget it! You're a true cynic after that.

I kind of want to update you on exactly what I've done so far on my own personal quest to make $100 per day online but I'll have to save that for later as I need to read some of this now and serve up a real review later today.

The only thing I've ever done to make money online was affiliate marketing. Now I'm working all kinds of bloggage to see what it brings me. I am admittedly quite curious as to exactly what these 20 ways to make $100 per day online are?

I can think of a few maybe right off the bat. Freelance writing, (which I do already...umm...need any writing done? Leave a comment if so) affiliate marketing, sponsored reviews, freelance web design and seo. What else? Hmmm. I'll let you know.

20 Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online Review